A Fortuna Tradition Since 1949

A Fortuna Tradition Since 1949


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Bob’s is a fourth-generation family owned business. It started in 1949 by Bob Broome and Lula Mclure. Originally a concession stand, it was towed from L.A. to Ferndale for the county fair. Later Bob’s was moved to 13th street in Fortuna. Then it was handed down to daughter and son in law, Joann and Ozzie Smith. In the summer of 1967 Bob’s was built at its present location and is currently being run by the Moreno family, who are dedicated to keeping the Smith family legacy.

Tasty Drinks

Soda – Milkshakes – Iced Tea – Red Bull – & More…

comfort food

Burgers – Dogs – Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Tacos – Quesadillas – Fish – & More…

Coffee Drinks

Americano – Black & White Mocha – Chai Frappe – Breve – & More…


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